Author Sejfudin Tanovic
Book of poetry
DOKUMENT, Sarajevo, 1993

Through Sarajevo, on the way

Author Sejfudin Tanovic
A book of poetic and philosophic records
DOKUMENT, Sarajevo, 1994.

Through Sarajevo, day after day

Author Sejfudin Tanovic
A moving war journal in over 4.000 pages. A book that speaks of the horrors of war isolation of Sarajevo from 1993 until the post-war period of 1999 through the intimate story of one family, in a poetic and philosophical manner.


Book of simple recipes
DOKUMENT, Sarajevo, 2006/2007

Children’s fairytales

Book of national children’s stories from the region of the former Yugoslav states.
DOKUMENT, Sarajevo, 2006/2007