Release date: 2010


In the country that used to be called Yugoslavia, men didn’t asked women whether war is the right thing to do. Now, those women are asking what kind of a life can they be expected to bring into a post-war world.


Five countries, five women, five stories. The film comprises five dramatic reflections on motherhood among young women today in the country formally known as Yugoslavia. Five films directed, in fact, by five such women.

A woman, expecting twins, is faced with a terrible choice… Having attempted suicide, a pregnant woman ends up at the hospital where she meets a strange man. Another hides her pregnancy from her boyfriend because she knows her work will take her away from him. Having just given birth, a drug-addicted mother is told her child must be taken away for adoption. A young nun becomes pregnant.

These are everyday contemporary stories from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Slovenia. Balkan stories looking at the aftermath of war. Stories that raise the question: what will giving life mean after so much death?